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Atlanta, Georgia Bus Accident Lawyer

Every day, students take buses to and from school. School buses are also used for student activities, church groups and club groups. Adults, too, can take school buses for group events and both adults and children may ride on public transportation or tour buses.

In most cases, buses arrive at their destination safely and transport their passengers to wherever they are going. In some unfortunate instances, however, a bus will become involved in an accident. When a bus crash occurs, those on the bus may be injured as a result. Drivers of other vehicles can also be hurt when a bus accident occurs.

Bus accidents can present complications for injured victims because the bus driver may not be the only person, or even the best person, to take legal action against. An Atlanta, Georgia Bus Accident Attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can assist you in understanding your rights after a bus accident and can help to maximize the compensation you receive for your injuries.

Who is Responsible for Bus Accidents?
Bus accidents may occur as a result of the negligence of the bus driver or as a result of the negligence or careless behavior of the other drivers involved in the crash. Passengers on a bus may take legal action against whichever driver caused the wreck to occur. If the bus accident was the fault of the bus driver and other motorists were injured, these motorists can also take legal action against the bus driver.

In most cases, however, it is advisable to file a claim not just against the bus driver but also against the driver’s employer. Bus companies and those who employ bus drivers can be held liable for the actions of the driver because the driver is their employee. This liability exists under a legal rule called “vicarious liability,” which makes the “principal” (the employer) responsible for the acts of their agent (the employee).

Bus companies and employers can also be responsible for an accident if they were negligent in their own right. For example, if a bus company failed to do adequate screening of drivers to make sure that the drivers were experienced or if the company failed to properly maintain the bus, then the company was unreasonably careless and is thus responsible for the accident and resulting harm.

When deciding who to take legal action against, it is important to consult with an experienced Atlanta, Georgia Bus Accident Attorney. In some cases, you will also have the additional complication of the bus company being a government agency. For example, if you are injured on public transportation or a school bus, the responsible party may be the local government or the local school district. Government employees and government agencies are provided with limited protections from immunity, which means it is harder to sue and there are special rules to follow when making a claim against the government.

With so many legal complications inherent in bus accident cases, it is absolutely essential to have an experienced Atlanta, Georgia Bus Accident Lawyer representing you.

Compensation from Bus Accidents
When you were hurt in a bus accident, either as a passenger or a motorist, you are entitled to be “made whole” by the person or entity that injured you. You should be entitled to compensation that covers:
  • All of your medical costs;
  • Any lost income if you had to miss work due to your injuries;
  • Any future reduction in income if your injuries limit your earning potential;
  • Pain and suffering; and,
  • Emotional distress
If your loved one was killed in a bus accident, then you can obtain monetary compensation not just for medical bills incurred before death but also for other wrongful death damages including loss of companionship. An Atlanta, Georgia Bus Accident Lawyer will help you to understand what you are entitled to and will fight for your rights to maximum compensation either in an out-of-court settlement negotiation or in a courtroom trial.

Getting Help from an Atlanta, Georgia Bus Accident Lawyer
A bus accident is a traumatic experience and often serious injuries result. You should not have to bear the financial costs of the accident that you played no role in causing.

To ensure you are fully and fairly compensated, it pays to have an Atlanta, Georgia Bus Accident Lawyer representing you. At Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., we have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to be a strong advocate for your rights and we will assist you with all aspects of your bus accident case.

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