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When you are driving, it seems obvious that you should pay attention to the road and to what drivers around you are doing. Unfortunately, many people start to become too relaxed and too confident in their driving and begin to focus on things other than the road. When this occurs, these distracted drivers endanger themselves, those in the car with them and the other drivers, bicycle riders, pedestrians and motorcycle riders who have to share the road with them.

Distracted driving accidents are far too common in Georgia and throughout the rest of the country. In fact, Distraction.gov reports that 3,331 people lost their loves and another 387,000 people were injured in distracted driving crashes in 2011 alone.  Those who suffered injury or who lost loved ones know that these numbers are more than just a statistic- there is a very real cost involved with distracted driving crashes.

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The Dangers of Distracted Driving in Georgia

Distracted driving encompasses a number of different behaviors, including texting, talking on a cell phone, adjusting in-vehicle controls, brushing the hair or grooming, eating behind the wheel, watching movies and reading maps or other materials in the car. Any time your eyes or attention are focused on anything other than the road, then you are putting yourself and others in danger.

The dangers of distracted driving cannot be understated. The statistics provided on Distraction.gov show clearly just how dangerous distracted driving really is. For example:
  • In 2010, 18 percent of all crashes that caused injuries over the course of the year reportedly involved a distracted driver.
  • For those under age 20 killed in fatal accidents, distracted driving was reported in 11 percent of cases.
  • When answering a Pew research poll, 40 percent of teenagers in the U.S. said that they had been in a vehicle with a driver doing something with his or her cell phone that was dangerous.
  • Drivers that make use of any type of handheld device when they are driving are four times as likely to become involved in a car crash than others whose attention is not diverted from the road.
As these statistics show, thousands of people – especially young people- are being injured and killed as a result of distracted drivers.

Distracted Driving Puts Everyone at Risk

Those who are involved in distracted driving crashes can cause a number of different types of accidents. Distracted drivers are more likely to hit pedestrians or motorcycle riders; to change lanes without looking; to veer off the road and to lose control of their vehicles.

Unfortunately, despite the dangers, distracted driving is not against the law, in large part because it would be difficult to enforce a law preventing someone from adjusting the in-car controls or glancing at a map in the car.

While distracted driving isn’t illegal, drivers are still expected to behave with a reasonable degree of caution and care. If a driver fails in this obligation, then the driver can be considered legally negligent and can be held responsible for all costs associated with the crash including medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Getting Help from an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer for a Collision Caused by Distracted Driving

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving a distracted driver, the Atlanta, Georgia Car Accident Attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can help. Our experienced attorneys have handled many distracted driving cases and we know how to help you get the evidence you need to prove your claim. Contact our Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers today at (404) 991-5950 or get in touch online to set up a free consultation and learn more about how we can help.

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