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Atlanta, Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers - Overview of Lawsuits

As Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers, we know that motorcyclists are perhaps the most vulnerable motorists on Atlanta roads. Often, motorcyclists have nothing to protect them other than a helmet and the clothes upon their back.  Whenever they are involved in a collision with another vehicle, the injuries they sustain are frequently life-threatening and catastrophic.  According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, there are on average 14 motorcyclist fatalities a year in Fulton County alone.  Within Georgia as a whole, the number of motorcyclist fatalities is increasing dramatically.  In 2008 (the most recent data available), motorcycle wreck deaths accounted for 11.9 percent of all traffic crash fatalities statewide.

If you or a member of your family has been injured as either a motorcycle rider or passenger, it is critical that you consult with an experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident and wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible in order to give you the best possible chance of recovering the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled under state law.  This is particularly true if your accident involved a tractor trailer or other commercial vehicle as motor carriers always take immediate action to minimize losses in claims made against them.  Do not delay.  If you have suffered an injury while riding your bike, contact an attorney today.

Motorcycle Wrecks Caused by Drivers Failing to Yield Right of Way

The vast majority of auto accidents involving motorcyclists are caused by other drivers failing to watch out for bikers, and subsequently cutting them off or turning across their path.  In many cases, the car driver responsible will try to blame the motorcyclist by alleging that they were speeding and that was why they didn’t see them.  The truth, more often than not, is that they simply weren’t paying attention.

Although motorcycle accidents can and do happen anywhere, as Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers, we know that they are generally less common on highways and interstates because all the traffic is moving in the same direction which to some extent minimizes the risk of a negligent driver causing a serious wreck. Collisions involving motorcyclists are far more common on city streets where there are far more vehicles entering the roadway, intersections and other potential hazards.

Under Georgia law, all road users have a responsibility to operate their vehicle in a safe manner.  If another motorist’s negligence was responsible for your accident, you have a legal right to pursue financial damages against their auto insurance policy.

Free Consultation with an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., have experience in handling motorcycle accident cases throughout the state of Georgia.  Our lawyers work on a no win, no fee basis; which means that we only get paid if we successfully resolve your case.  To discuss your case with a lawyer today, please call us at (404) 991-5950 or fill out our online case evaluation form for a free consultation.

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