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Atlanta, Georgia Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers - Unexplained Falls and Fractures

As people age, their bones become more brittle and more susceptible to being fractured. A senior who breaks a bone, especially a hip bone, may have a long and painful recovery process and may never regain full mobility. Unfortunately, as Atlanta, Georgia Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers, we know that broken bones are not only more devastating to the senior population but they are also more likely to occur in the elderly.

One of the major causes of fractured or broken bones in seniors is falls. Seniors may experience a loss of reflexes as they age and often suffer from health issues including vision and balance problems that make them more susceptible to falling. When a fall occurs, fractures are not the only possible consequence either. A fall could lead to lacerations, head injury or even death.

While some falls are true accidents, in other cases, falls could be prevented if seniors were provided with reasonable care and supervision by nursing homes. When a senior enters a nursing home, the facility assumes a responsibility to provide a professional level of care. If they fall short and a senior is hurt in an unexplained fall, suffering a fracture or other injury, the senior or his/her family members can take legal action with the help of an Atlanta, Georgia Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer.

Atlanta, Georgia Nursing Home Neglect & The Dangers of Falls for Seniors
According to Health Matters, one out of every three seniors experiences a fall every year. In 30 percent of the cases where a senior falls, the individual suffers from an injury that requires hospitalization. More than 16,000 seniors died from falls in 2005 alone, while traumatic brain injuries caused by falls led to around 8,000 deaths and 56,000 hospitalizations. Aging Care also reports that an elderly individual who suffers a hip fracture is between 5 and 20 percent more likely to die in the year following the injury than those in the same age group who did not experience a fracture.

Even when a fall does not cause death, it can be very expensive to treat the resulting injuries. Physical therapy is typically required after the cast comes off, and the average hospital stay for a senior who experiences head trauma as a result of a fall is $19,200 for men and $16,000 for women, according to Health Matters.  The emotional impact for a senior can be devastating as well, as the individual might become more afraid of falling and may begin to restrict his or her activities, reducing quality of life significantly. Depression and anxiety are common results.

Because there are so many serious repercussions for a senior after a fall, great care should be taken to make sure that falls are prevented. Nursing homes have an obligation to supervise patients and have reasonable policies and procedures in place to ensure their safety. When a nursing home doesn’t provide proper supervision and preventative measures, a fall can result. Falls can also occur if patients become dizzy due to improper medication administration or malnutrition. There are a wide variety of different ways a nursing home can let a patient down and become responsible for a fall, and if you or a loved one has fallen in a nursing home and been injured, you should strongly consider speaking with an Atlanta nursing home attorney. An Atlanta, Georgia Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer can help you in determining if the nursing home should be held liable.  This is especially true if the nursing home does not voluntarily and fully disclose all information surrounding the fall.

Getting Legal Help from a Qualified Atlanta, Georgia Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

Seniors should not have to face the financial and the emotional costs of a fall that could have been prevented. At Sammons & Carpenter [http://www.sclawpc.com/], our Atlanta, Georgia Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers have extensive experience with nursing home abuse and neglect cases, including cases involving unexplained falls. We can evaluate your case, help you build evidence to show the nursing home is to blame for the fall and assist you in recovering compensation for medical costs as well as for pain and suffering, emotional distress and/or wrongful death.

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