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Atlanta, Georgia Worker's Compensation Attorneys - Workplace Falls

Falling from a great height will nearly always result in terrible and disabling injuries such as spinal cord injuries, paralysis and traumatic brain injury.  In many cases, a fall from a significant height can be fatal.  As Atlanta worker’s compensation attorneys, we know that accidents involving falls are all too common in Atlanta area workplaces.  There are a number of jobs which often require workers to operate at great heights.  For example: workers working on electrical or telephone towers, factory and warehouse workers operating cherry picker equipment, construction workers and contractors working on roofs or from temporary scaffolding.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes the very serious hazards associated with workplace fall accidents and has introduced blanket regulations for employers who require their employees to work at heights greater than six feet off the ground.  These requirements include harnesses or other protection to avoid a fall (such as guardrails, nets or other fall arrest devices) and the use of hole covers to prevent falls through holes, skylights or other unsafe surfaces.

Atlanta Construction Site Falling Accidents

Construction site accidents are nearly always extremely serious.  There are so many people working in close proximity with one another using a variety of hazardous equipment that catastrophic injuries are bound to occur.  Despite all these many hazards on the average Atlanta construction site, fall accidents remain among the most serious.

Employees at a construction site regularly work from great heights on top of half-completed buildings, on roofs, on temporary scaffolding, and from cranes.  A fall from any one of these places would doubtlessly result in catastrophic injuries which would at best mean the employee would never be able to return to work, or at worst fatal.  Consequently, the economic impact on the injured person's household would be extremely significant.  In addition to the sudden and unexpected medical bills, they would also be faced with an uncertain future given the accident victim's future loss of earning capacity.

In order to protect construction site workers should the worst happen, the state of Georgia mandates that all employers with more than two employees have appropriate workers comp coverage.  This is insurance which is intended to provide employees and their dependents with compensation should an accident occur.  However, just because companies are required to carry worker’s comp to protect their employees, it doesn't necessarily mean that all employers do.  Nor does it mean that injured employees and their families will in fact be fairly compensated if they are injured on the job.

If you or a member of your family has been injured as a result of a fall in an Atlanta construction site or other workplace accident, it is important that you consult with an experienced Atlanta worker’s compensation attorney who will be able to help you understand your legal rights and make sure that you recover the full and fair compensation available to you from all liable insurance policies.

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