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Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorneys - Neck and Back Injuries in the Workplace

As Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorneys, we know just how disabling a back or neck injury can be. Unfortunately, back and neck injuries are all-too-often sustained in the course of performing work. These injuries can be acute injuries caused by accidents or can develop over time due to stress being placed on the body. Regardless of the cause, however, they can necessitate treatment up-to-and-including surgery and they can cause ongoing pain that makes it difficult to go to work.

If you have suffered a back or a neck injury while on the job, you may be eligible for benefits under workers' compensation. Workers' comp benefits can cover not only payment of medical bills but also provide you with disability income if you can’t work or if you have to switch to a light duty position. Unfortunately, while workers' comp benefits are supposed to take care of employees, employers don’t always pay the full benefits they are required to. With neck and back injuries, especially, this can be a problem since certain types of disabling neck and back injuries are hard to prove medically.

To make sure you get the benefits that you deserve if you experience a neck or a back injury as a result of performing your job, it is important that you get legal help. The Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter have represented many clients throughout Georgia with both minor and serious back and neck injuries and we can assist you in all aspects of making your workers' compensation claim.

Causes of Neck and Back Injuries in Atlanta Workplace Accidents
Neck and back injuries can develop in a number of different ways. Unfortunately, they are an all-too-common result of workplace injuries due to the types of on-the-job accidents that are most likely to occur. In fact, the Liberty Mutual 2011 Workplace Safety Index has listed the top 10 causes of disabling workplace injuries in 2009 and every single type of injury on the top 10 can be a potential cause of back or neck problems. These injuries include:
  • Overexertion injuries including damage to the back and neck caused by lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling
  • Falling on the same level. When you slip, trip or fall, this can cause a back or neck injury
  • Falling on a lower level. If you fall from a ladder or from some other height, you can hurt your back and neck
  • Bodily movement/ bodily reactions. If you twist out of place or move in an unnatural way, you can hurt your neck and back
  • Being struck by an object. If you are hit in the neck or back, serious damage can result
  • Being involved in an auto accident. Car accidents are a major cause of back and neck injuries including whiplash
  • Being compressed or caught in something. Very serious back and neck injury can result from this type of accident, including spinal damage or a broken neck
  • Hitting or striking an object. If you walk into a door, wall, desk or other object, for example, you can hurt your back and neck
  • Repetitive motion. When you repeatedly lift and bend, you can put wear and tear on the muscles of the back and neck
  • Workplace violence. Being assaulted or the victim of violence can cause damage to the back and neck.
When these and other accidents occur, you can become eligible for Georgia workers' compensation benefits. This is true regardless of whether your employer was careless, or whether you were. This is also true even if you were not at your usual place of work, as long as you were doing some required work task.

Types of Back and Neck Injuries in Atlanta, Georgia Workplace Accidents
Back and neck injuries can range from mild injuries to severe and life-changing injuries. Back and neck injuries that can occur at work include:
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Vertebrae injuries
  • Disc injuries
  • Damage to the larynx
  • Damage to the trachea
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Unclassified neck injuries
The severity of the injuries you suffer will have a direct impact on the types of workers comp benefits you receive. Your medical bills should always be paid in full for any treatment made necessary by your back and neck injury. You should also receive payment for lost wages if you need to miss work, as well as temporary or permanent complete or partial disability benefits that are equal to a portion of the money you can no longer earn due to your injury.

Getting Help from an Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorney for Back and Neck Injuries

When you suffer any type of back and neck injury, you should report the injury immediately. This is true even if it doesn’t seem very serious, since it can develop into a more serious problem later. You should also speak with an Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorney right away. Your attorney can help you gather the evidence necessary to prove that your injury was work related; can assist you in filing a claim; and can help you to show the extent of your injury so you receive the maximum benefits allowed by Georgia workers' compensation laws.

To get the help you need, put your trust in the dedicated and experienced Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter. Give us a call today at (404) 991-5950 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about how we can help after you’ve been injured as a result of doing your job.

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