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As Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorneys, we know just how often on the job injuries occur as well as how devastating they can be when they do occur.  In 2011, the United States Department of Labor reported that 107 workers in the state of Georgia lost their lives as a result of fatal work injuries. In addition to these tragic deaths, many more employees suffered non-fatal on the job injuries that impacted their health and their ability to support themselves and their families. In fact, in 2011, the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation indicated that 37,167 workers suffered injuries leading to workers' compensation claims.

Workers' compensation is a benefits program designed to make sure injured workers get the financial support they need. Workers' Comp. benefits payments totaled $843,557,667.33 in Georgia in 2011, and this money went to paying medical bills, disability benefits and other compensation to injured workers throughout the state. Many of those injured workers worked in Georgia’s capital and central economic hub: Atlanta.

Unfortunately, while all Georgia workers should be entitled to full benefits coverage for any and all work injuries, employers and workers' comp insurers don’t always play fair and don’t always provide employees the full benefits they are entitled to under the law. This is why hiring an experienced Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer is so important.

Understanding Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Benefits
Atlanta, Georgia workers' compensation benefits should be paid to any covered employee who is injured in a work-related injury. The Georgia workers' compensation laws broadly define work related injuries to include:
  • Injuries sustained in on-the-job accidents
  • Injuries that occur off-site as long as you are performing required work
  • Repetitive stress injuries that develop as a result of performing job functions
  • Illnesses that occur as a result of exposure to chemicals or toxins at work
  • Aggravation of pre-existing medical conditions due to performing your job
If you suffer any of these types of injuries, you should report the injury to your employer to become eligible for workers' comp benefits. Some examples of common job related injuries that lead to workers' compensation benefits include:
Your eligibility for benefits when you suffer these and other injuries is not dependent upon your employer being negligent or careless in any way, and even your own negligence isn’t going to necessarily make you ineligible for workers' compensation benefits. As long as you weren’t violating clear company policy or intoxicated at work, you should be covered for all on the job injuries no matter how careful, or not careful, you or your employer were.
Types of Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Benefits
When you have made a work injury claim, you can become eligible for a variety of different types of Workers' Compensation Benefits. These include:
  • Payment in full of all current and future medical bills.
  • Payment of lost wages. You become entitled to income benefits once you’ve missed at least 7 days of work. If you miss 21 days of work, you will also be paid for your first seven days.
  • Temporary or permanent disability benefits for either partial or total disability. If you are partially disabled, you’ll receive a portion of the difference between your pre-injury income and your income after the initial injury. Total disability benefits on the other hand, entitle you to payments of 2/3 your weekly wage.
  • Additional benefits as defined by statute for specific permanent or long-lasting injuries
Unfortunately, employers and their workers’ compensation insurers may try to deprive you of some of the benefits you are due. They may deny your claim, underestimate the seriousness of your injuries, or try to get you to go back to work sooner than you should. Because so many dishonest tactics can be used to deny you benefits, you should always have an experienced Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer on your side.

How an Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer Can Help

An Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorney can assist you with the following types of work-injury matters:
  • Applying for workers' compensation benefits
  • Appealing benefits denials
  • Negotiating workers' compensation settlements
  • Getting the medical care that you need
  • Proving the extent of your injuries to maximize benefits eligibility
  • Proving the extent of your lost wages
  • Issues that may arise once you attempt to return to work
For these and other tasks, you will pay legal fees only if you receive benefits and the fees charged by Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyers must be approved by the State Board of Workers' Compensation if the fee is greater than $100, and it may never exceed 25% of the benefit amount approved. Accordingly, you can be sure that when we agree to represent you, you will be treated fairly. We understand what our job is, and know that the most important thing is to make sure that you get all the benefits to which you are entitled..

Getting Legal Help from An Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If you have been involved in a serious work-related injury in Georgia in which you need to obtain special benefits from workers' comp, contact the Atlanta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter today. You can call us directly at (404) 991-5950, or simply use our online confidential case evaluation form right here on this website. Don’t wait until your legal problems become unmanageable; get a serious, competent Atlanta, Georgia, Workers' Comp Lawyer on your side. You can put your worry and stress in our hands, knowing that we will work diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

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