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Driver Negligence and Truck Accidents

The Atlanta, Georgia truck accident lawyers at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. help truck accident victims and family members of those killed in truck accidents to take legal action. If you need help obtaining compensation after a truck crash, give us a call or contact us online today.

The Dangers of Driver Negligence and Truck Accidents
Every driver on the road is expected to behave with reasonable caution and to obey all driver safety rules in order to prevent car accidents from occurring. If a driver breaks the rules or is unreasonably careless, he or she can be considered legally liable for an accident and made to compensate crash victims.

Commercial drivers, like other motorists, are also expected to be careful and cautious behind the wheel. Because commercial drivers require a professional license and drive large trucks that can be a serious hazard to others on the road, these drivers are expected to behave with the utmost of care and professionalism when driving tractor trailer's and large trucks.

Unfortunately, commercial drivers routinely fall short of their obligations and do dangerous things. When a crash happens, these drivers- and often the trucking companies they work for- can be made to pay for their negligence.

Types of Truck Driver Negligence
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has indicated that driver-related factors are responsible for around 31 percent of all fatal truck accidents. The NHTSA has also conducted an in-depth study of the causes of truck accidents. Called the Large Truck Causation Study (LTCCS), the research involved looking at more than 120,000 crashes to identify representative accidents and determine the causes of the wrecks.

According to the LTCCS, some of the top driver-related factors that led to truck accidents include:
  • Use of prescription drugs by the commercial driver (26.3 percent of crashes).
  • Exceeding the speed limit or going too quickly to be safe based on current road conditions (22.9 percent of crashes).
  • Not being familiar with the roads or traveling on the road fewer than six times over six months (21.6 percent of crashes).
  • Use of over-the-counter medications (17.3 percent of crashes).
  • Inadequate/insufficient surveillance (13.2 percent of crashes).
  • Driver fatigue (13 percent of crashes).
  • Work-related pressures (9.2 percent of crashes).
  • Illegal maneuvers (9.1 percent of crashes).
  • Driver distraction (8.5 percent of crashes).
  • Distraction from outside the vehicle (8 percent of crashes).
  • Inadequateness of evasive actions (6.6 percent of crashes).
  • Aggressive driving (6.6 percent of crashes).
  • Insufficient familiarity with the vehicle (6.5 percent of crashes).
  • Tailgating (4.9 percent of crashes).
  • Making bad assumptions about other motorists (4.7 percent of crashes).
In all of these examples, the drivers make a mistake or do something that leads to an accident occurring.

An Atlanta, Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help
If you or a loved one was involved in an accident and the truck driver did something wrong, that driver or his employer may be required to compensate you for both economic and non-economic losses.

To obtain truck accident compensation, you need to demonstrate that the other driver was negligent and show a link between his carelessness and your accident and injuries. An Atlanta, Georgia truck accident lawyer at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., can assist you in taking action and recovering the compensation that you deserve.

To learn more about how we can help with your case, give us a call at (404) 991-5950  or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation.

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