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Johns Creek, Georgia Car Accident Attorneys

Located in Fulton County, Johns Creek, Georgia is a northeastern suburb of Atlanta with a population of just over 76,000. Johns Creek, Georgia has many outdoor recreation areas along the Chattahoochee River as well as six golf facilities, an art’s center and a part-time professional symphony orchestra. These attractions make Johns Creek, Georgia a wonderful place to live and a great place to visit.

Like any other location, however, Johns Creek, Georgia is the site of many car accidents each year. When these car accidents cause injury or death, it is important for residents and visitors to understand their legal rights. A Johns Creek, Georgia Car Accident Attorney from Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can help.

Your Rights After a Johns Creek, Georgia Auto Accident

When a Johns Creek auto accident occurs, car accident victims can obtain monetary damages from the driver who was responsible for causing the crash. In some cases, there is also another entity to blame as well. For example, in a trucking accident, the trucking company that employs the driver can be held responsible. In other situations, if a car malfunctions or road design plays a role, then the car manufacturer or agency responsible for road design can be held legally liable.

The important thing in determining who may be required to pay damages is to consider who was negligent or careless in a way that led to the accident. An experienced Johns Creek, Georgia Auto Accident Attorney can help injured victims to determine who should be held liable for the accident and can assist victims in negotiating a settlement out-of-court or in filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Compensation after a Johns Creek, Georgia Car Accident

To obtain compensation after a Johns Creek, Georgia car accident, the injured victim will need to provide evidence that the defendant is to blame for the accident. By showing that the defendant was careless, negligent or breached a legal obligation, the injured victim can prove that the defendant is legally liable. The injured victim in a car accident case will also need to demonstrate the extent of the harm suffered.

A Johns Creek, Georgia Car Accident Attorney can represent injured victims every step of the way and help them to make a compelling case for damages. When a victim proves his case, he or she is entitled to monetary compensation for:
  • Lost income/wages;
  • Medical bills;
  • Pain and suffering; and,
  • Emotional distress
All compensation should be based on both losses already incurred and losses that will continue to occur over the course of the accident victim’s life. For example, someone who suffered a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury may need ongoing medical therapies for the rest of the time he is alive. The costs of this ongoing medical care- which can total in the millions- should be paid by the person or entity responsible for the auto accident.  A Johns Creek, Georgia Car Accident Attorney can help injured victims to maximize the compensation available so that all economic and non-economic losses are fully covered.

Getting Legal Help From a Johns Creek, Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

If you were the victim of a car accident and wish to obtain monetary compensation, a Johns Creek, Georgia Car Accident Attorney at Sammons & Carpenter can be your advocate and can protect your legal rights. Our experienced Johns Creek, Georgia Car Accident Lawyers can handle every aspect of your case from deciding who to sue to building evidence to suing or negotiating a settlement to get maximum damages.

Sammons & Carpenter also represents the family members of those killed in auto accidents. Surviving family members can bring a wrongful death claim to collect compensation both for economic losses (such as funeral expenses and lost support) as well as for non-economic losses like loss of companionship.

To learn more about how we can help you after your Johns Creek, Georgia Car Accident, contact us online or give us a call at (404) 991-5950.  

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