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Macon, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If you get hurt at work or injured because of your job, you may be worried about mounting medical bills. This is especially true if your injuries have also made it impossible for you to return to work.

Georgia laws protect you in these situations and ensure you and your family do not face financial struggles. You can make a workers' compensation claim and get your bills paid and even receive disability or lost income benefits. A Macon, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., will help you with your claim to ensure you protect your financial future and get the treatment you need. Call one of our Macon, GA Workers' Compensation Lawyers today toll free at (855) 424-6587 to learn more about how we can represent you.

After most types of injuries, you need to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit if you want to get compensation. This typically means proving that the defendant was negligent or careless in some way that caused you harm.

Workers' compensation is different. You don’t have to show your employer was negligent in order to get benefits and you don’t have to sue. If employers and insurers follow the law, you should simply be able to report a workplace injury or a workplace illness and start getting benefits.

Unfortunately, employers and insurers don’t always do what they are supposed to do. You may have a workplace injury or illness that you should be covered for, and your claim for benefits may be denied or the insurer may try to give you less than you deserve. You need to protect your rights, because you are not actually allowed to sue your employer. If you get hurt on-the-job, workers' compensation may be the only remedy you have and the only way to get your costs and losses paid.

A Macon, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer understands what it takes and helps make sure the law works for you. At Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., we treat every case as our most important case and we will represent you at every step in trying to get the workers' compensation benefits you deserve.

Workers' compensation benefits after an injury in Macon, Georgia should include payment of:
  • Medical bills and 100 percent of associated treatment costs.
  • Lost income benefits.
  • Disability for temporary or permanent total or partial disability.
  • Death benefits to dependents of workers killed on-the-job.
These benefits are available not only if you have an accident and get injured, but also if your work causes other kinds of harm to your health such as:
As long as you can prove that your health issues are directly related to work tasks, you should be entitled to receive workers' comp benefits.

Although the law provides broad protection for any damage done by your job, employers and insurers don’t always follow it. From denials of legitimate claims to Issues that may arise once you attempt to return to work, there are many ways that workers are cheated out of getting full workers' compensation coverage.

At Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., our goal is to prevent that from ever occurring. You deserve to have workers' compensation benefits if your job harmed you and we will fight for your rights. Call us today toll free at (855) 424-6587 to speak with one of our Macon, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorneys and to learn more about how we can help. Your consultation is free and no legal fees are charged unless we recover money for you.

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