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McDonough, Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys - Financial Exploitation

Seniors receiving care in nursing homes are susceptible to many different types of abuse and neglect from care providers. Unfortunately, one type of abuse that we see often as McDonough, Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys is financial exploitation. Financial exploitation involves taking or using money or property that belongs to a senior for fraudulent purposes and it can cause significant financial loss to seniors and their heirs.

If you suspect you have been the victim of financial exploitation or if a loved one has been victimized, it is important to take action. Reporting the exploitation to law enforcement and government agencies that protect the elderly is one step you can take. Contacting a McDonough, Georgia nursing home abuse attorney is another important step to recovering the money and holding the exploitive parties responsible for what they have done.

Financial Exploitation in McDonough, Georgia Nursing Homes

Financial exploitation may be perpetrated by caregivers or even by nursing home administrators. There are a number of different ways that financial exploitation can take place including:
  • Taking property or money from incapacitated residents or residents who are not able to give their consent
  • Manipulating seniors into signing over property or money using intimidation, manipulation or deception
  • Cashing an elderly person’s checks without having proper authorization
  • Forging the signature of an elderly patient
  • Forcing an elderly patient to sign power of attorney documents or abusing a power of attorney
  • Stealing social security checks or other money coming in to nursing home residents
  • Deceiving an elderly nursing home resident into signing a will, contract or other financial document
  • Identity theft or using an elderly patient’s personal information to obtain credit or other services.  
The incident of exploitation can be a one-time event or it may involve ongoing financial fraud that significantly enriches the nursing home or caregiver at the expense of the nursing home resident.   In certain cases, seniors who are victims of financial exploitation may not be aware that their money or property is being taken. In other instances, seniors know what is going on but are manipulated or threatened into giving up their money or possessions.

Family member should watch for unexplained financial transactions or changes in the mood or behavior of the senior in their family in order to spot signs of financial exploitation. Further, when seniors become unable to manage their own financial affairs, it is advisable for family members to step in, obtain power of attorney and take control rather than leaving money management to a vulnerable senior or to a nursing home who may not always act in the senior’s best interests.

Getting Legal Help from a McDonough, Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Financial exploitation is a crime and it is one that can cost a senior valuable assets or even his or her life savings. If you have been the victim of financial exploitation or if your family member or loved one has been victimized, it is important to take action right away. The sooner you seek help from a McDonough, Georgia nursing home abuse attorney, the better your chances of being able to seek damages from the exploiter and to recover the money lost.

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