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The Importance of Hiring an Atlanta Trucking Accident Lawyer As Soon As Possible

If you or a member of your family has been injured in a Georgia auto accident involving an 18-wheeler, tractor trailer or other large semi-truck, it is important that you consult with an experienced Atlanta trucking accident lawyer as soon as possible.  More than any other sort of traffic wreck case, time is of the essence in a collision involving a heavy goods vehicle.  The sooner you hire an attorney to protect your legal rights, the better your chances of recovering the full and fair compensation you are entitled to under Georgia state law.

Given the enormous size and weight of flatbed, tanker and other types of trucks, it is frequently the case that catastrophic bodily injuries and property damage will occur whenever such a large vehicle is involved in a crash with a smaller passenger car.  As Atlanta trucking accident lawyers, we know that it is not uncommon for car versus truck collisions to result in extremely severe personal injuries such as broken bones, blunt force trauma, traumatic brain injury (TBI), amputation, or paralysis.

The cost of medical treatment for such injuries is incredibly expensive and appears to be increasing all the time.  Trucking companies know this, which is why they often take aggressive action to avoid being labeled as responsible.  Whether the motor carrier uses an insurance company or is self-insured, a personal injury or wrongful death claim against them will represent a significant dent in their profits.  In order to avoid paying these high costs, they often have professional crash scene investigators on retainer in most major cities throughout Georgia, including Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Macon, Marietta, Alpharetta and Albany.

Many times, these trucking company-paid investigators will get to the location of a wreck within as little as an hour.  Their job is to point out evidence to the investigating police officers which might suggest that it was not the truck driver who was at fault.  This is clearly unfair – particularly since you have no way of getting your own representative at the crash site to look after your best interests.  More than likely, you will be receiving emergency medical attention in a local ER while all this is going on.

The sooner you hire a qualified Atlanta trucking accident lawyer who is experienced in handling Georgia truck wreck claims, the better your chances of recovering just damages for your injuries.  Over time, tire marks fade from the road, evidence gets lost or misplaced, and witnesses' memories fade.  It is important that you do not hesitate in hiring a lawyer as you will need to gather as much proof as possible that it was the trucker's negligence which caused your accident if you want any hope of winning your claim.  It is also worth noting that trucking companies have no legal obligation to preserve the valuable data found on the big rig's on-board computer for longer than six months after the date of a crash according to Federal law.  It is critical that you hire an attorney before this deadline in order to ensure that this evidence is not lost.

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