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Tractor Trailer Jackknife Accidents

Atlanta, Georgia tractor-trailer accidents can result in serious injury or even death. The truck driver or trucking company may be liable for compensating injured victims or their family members.  To learn about your legal rights as a truck accident victim, contact the Atlanta, Georgia tractor-trailier accident attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter P.C. today.

Jackknife Accidents are Among the Most Dangerous Atlanta Truck Accidents
Many of the trucks on the road consist of a rig or tractor connected to multiple trailers in the back. Unfortunately, sometimes the back of the truck can spin out from its position behind the truck.  The trailer essentially folds in on itself, spinning out sideways so the truck looks like it is in the shape of an "L" or the shape of a "V."

When the trailer spins out of its normal alignment and goes off at an angle or off to the side, this is called "jackknifing."

Jackknifing is far too common and accidents often occur when a truck does this. Unfortunately, victims of the crash who are in vehicles off to the side of the truck and who are hit can be seriously hurt by the jackknifing accident.  These drivers can suffer broken bones; head injuries; spinal injuries or even death as a result of their vehicles being swept up or hit by a trailer that is jackknifing.

Causes of Tractor Trailer Jackknife Accidents
There are many different reasons why a trailer would spin off to the side and jackknife. One of the most common causes, however, is that a loss of traction occurs. Traction is a force that uses static friction in order to make the tires of the truck actually stay on the road.  Unfortunately, if a tire doesn't grip the road, allowing for a static contact point, there is nothing except for sliding friction to keep the wheels of the trailer on the ground.

Without static friction, the wheels of the truck may just slide along the road without having a grip on the road. If the truck driver tries to stop as the wheels are sliding along, the wheels can lock and the trailer, with nothing keeping it on the road, can swing out in a sideways direction.  Cars to its side can get caught in its wake and drivers and passengers in those vehicles can be hurt badly.

An Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help
Jackknifing usually doesn't just happen- something has to go wrong. In many cases, the problem is the fault of the driver or the trucking company. If a driver is going too fast for road conditions, for example, or if truck tires aren't properly maintained, this increases the risk of a jackknifing accident happening.   

Determining the cause of the jackknife crash can be very important since accident victims can take legal action to recover monetary damages from the person or party responsible for the crash. If the truck driver did anything careless or wrongful, for example, then the driver can be made to pay damages.

The trucking company can also be required to compensate you for your medical bills; pain and suffering; emotional distress and lost income because the company is considered responsible for the actions of its driver.  A trucking company that was negligent in maintaining the truck, hiring or other aspects of running a business can also be liable in its own right.

To learn more about taking legal action after a jackknife accident, contact the experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyers at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., today online or via phone at (404) 991-5950.

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