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Truck Blind Spots and Truck Accidents

A truck accident can be fatal or can cause life-changing injuries. If you or a loved one was involved in a truck crash, someone else may be responsible for the costs of your injuries or losses. To learn more about your legal right to obtain compensation, call the Atlanta, Georgia truck accident lawyers at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., today at (855) 424-6587.

Blind Spots on Large Trucks

According to a Large Truck Causation Study published in 2007, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration determined that inadequate surveillance contributed to around 15 percent of large truck crashes caused by drivers. This means that around 20,000 truck accidents occurred because a driver didn't look carefully enough.

Unfortunately, sometimes truck drivers try to use their mirrors to survey the road and to see the position of other drivers but accidents happen despite their best efforts. This is because large trucks have big blind spots that can make it difficult or impossible to see other vehicles, motorcyclists, bicycle riders or pedestrians.

When a motorist or other person on the road is in one of these blind spots, that individual may never be seen by the truck driver. The driver could cut off the other driver or change lanes and crash into him, without even knowing that he is there. This makes truck blind spots very dangerous and makes it easy to see why so many truck accidents happen because of surveillance issues.

Blind Spots Cause Truck Accidents
According to the FMCSA, there are several "no-zones" around large commercial vehicles including trucks or buses. When a car falls inside of one of these "no-zones," then truck drivers may not see the vehicle and a crash can result. The "no-zones" include:
  • Areas along the sides of the truck, which an extend for the full tractor-length (side no-zones.)
  • Areas along the rear of the truck. When a tractor or rig is located directly behind the trailer, this can obstruct or completely block the view out the back in the rear no-zone.
  • Areas in the front, which are called front no zones. Because trucks are so high up, cars immediately in the truck's front can be difficult or impossible to see, especially if the cars are little and the cars are too close to the truck's hood.
The most dangerous of the no-zones, according to the FMCSA, is the no-zone on the right side since trucks often make wide right turns. However, an accident can happen whenever any driver gets into any one of these areas routinely hidden by truck blind spots.

An Atlanta, Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help
If a car accident occurs because the vehicle was in the truck's blind spot, the fact that the driver couldn't see the other car doesn't mean the trucker isn't responsible for resulting injuries.

It is the job of a truck driver to exercise reasonable care and to know how to operate his vehicle. Failing to acknowledge the dangers of blind spots and to take steps to minimize these dangers can be considered negligence and can make the truck driver responsible for losses. Trucking companies can also be held responsible for their own negligence or for the irresponsibility of their employees.

To take action, however, you will need to show that the truck driver was to blame for the crash. At Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., our experienced Atlanta, Georgia truck accident lawyers can help you to gather the evidence you need to make a case and be awarded medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other damages.

To learn more about how we can assist with your case and help you to ensure that justice is done, give our Atlanta, Georgia truck accident lawyers a call today at (404) 991-5950.  

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