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Employers have an obligation to their workers to provide a safe working environment. They must also purchase workers' compensation insurance. Workers' comp. should cover injuries and illnesses that are work-related, regardless of whether the employer’s actions were the cause of the workers' problems.

If you got hurt or became sick because of your job, you deserve workers' compensation coverage. Unfortunately, despite the laws protecting workers, sometimes legitimate claims are denied or injured employees don’t get the benefits they deserve.

The Valdosta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyers at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., have dedicated their careers to making sure workers get the income and compensation they deserve after a work injury. If you or a loved one was hurt, do not hesitate to call us today toll free at (855) 424-6587 to schedule a free consultation.

Work injuries and illnesses can cause you to incur expensive medical bills. In some cases, the health problems you are experiencing could make it impossible for you to continue working or could significantly reduce your earning potential over the course of your career.

When this happens, you need to get compensation so you have the money to get better and to have financial security even if you are sick and cannot work. Georgia law says you cannot sue your employer, so you will need to make a workers' compensation claim with the help of a Valdosta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Lawyer.

In some cases, someone besides your employer is also partly responsible for harming you. For example, if you get hurt on-the-job because of a defective machine, then the machine manufacturer may be to blame. If the negligence or wrongdoing of any non-employer played a role in your injury, you can pursue a lawsuit to get additional compensation.  

A Valdosta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorney at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., can help you with your claim and can evaluate your case to determine the best way to get benefits.

Workers' comp provides you with disability income if you cannot work or your earning potential is reduced. You should also receive full coverage for your medical bills and treatment costs.

You are entitled to this money any time you can trace your injuries or illness directly back to work tasks. This means workers' compensation covers things like:
If your injuries occurred off your normal work site or if your health problems are caused by an illness due to workplace toxic exposure, you should also be covered. It can, however, be harder to make a claim if your injuries weren’t caused by an accident at your customary job location. When you have a more complex case, it becomes even more important to speak with a Valdosta, Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorney for help.

At Sammons & Carpenter, P.C., we have decades of collective experience standing up for the rights of injured victims. Our Valdosta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers will be strong and dedicated advocates for you and we won’t charge legal fees unless we get you compensation.

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