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Why You Need an Experienced Atlanta, Georgia Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Doctors take an oath to “first do no harm,” and are expected to provide reasonably competent medical care to all patients. Unfortunately, doctors and healthcare providers aren’t perfect. In fact, medical mistakes may cause as many as 200,000 deaths each year and can cause countless more injuries. These injuries can be painful, expensive to treat and sometimes life changing.

If you or a loved one has experienced medical negligence and have suffered harm as a result, it is important to understand that Georgia provides you with certain protections. Medical malpractice laws allow you to take action against the doctor or healthcare provider who failed you. However, you should always get legal help to handle any medical malpractice case so you can have the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

Why You Need an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyer

When you suffer an injury or are damaged by medical negligence, hiring a lawyer is smart for many reasons. Many of the reasons for hiring a medical malpractice attorney are similar to the reasons why anyone injured by any type of negligence should consult with a personal injury lawyer. For example:
  • Lawyers help you to understand your legal options. You may be able to resolve malpractice or other injury claims through out-of-court settlements or through lawsuits. Lawyers help you to evaluate what is the best course of action.
  • Lawyers help you to determine who should be held responsible. For example, when a doctor commits malpractice, you may be able to sue not just the doctor but also the hospital or the doctor’s employer. Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys help to identify all possible defendants you can obtain compensation from.
  • Medical malpractice lawyers take care of the technical aspects of your claim. There are a number of procedural guidelines when you file a malpractice claim. For instance, you have to file within a certain time frame and you have to follow court rules. Malpractice lawyers take care of the legal work for you.
  • Personal injury attorneys help you to get the evidence you need. Proving a malpractice claim involves showing negligence and showing you were damaged by the doctor. Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers help you to get all of the evidence you need to meet your burden of proving your case.
  • Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers help you to get fair compensation. Whether this means negotiating a settlement out of court with the insurer or taking your case to a jury, you need a legal professional on your side. Insurers and healthcare providers are not looking out for you and may try to force you to settle for less or to agree to a quick settlement, depriving you of compensation you deserve.
These are all important reasons why you need to hire a personal injury attorney after you’ve been victimized by medical malpractice. However, it is also essential to realize that medical malpractice cases are among the most complex claims that you can file. As such, you need not just an Atlanta personal injury lawyer but an attorney who specializes in malpractice cases.

How an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help You

For a medical malpractice case to be successful, you must show:
  • That the doctor was negligent
  • That the negligence was the direct cause of compensable harm
Showing both of these things can be very challenging. First and foremost, proving negligence means demonstrating that no reasonable doctor with a similar background and specialization would have done what your doctor did. This is a technical decision- much more complicated for a jury to understand than in a car accident claim where juries can easily put themselves into the position of determining what a reasonable driver would do.  As such, you will need to have medical experts present testimony about where your doctor fell short- and you’ll need that testimony to be presented in a way that the average jury can understand.

Although proving negligence is difficult enough, proving causation may present even more of a challenge. Many doctors will argue that their negligence didn’t actually cause you any harm and that the problems you experienced would have happened anyway. By making this argument, doctors essentially say that even if they did make a mistake, they aren’t responsible for what happened to you since the underlying medical condition would have had resulted in the exact same outcome.

Often, it can be very difficult to show that what the doctor did actually made things worse. For example, if a doctor delays diagnosing you with cancer and the cancer spreads, how can you show that the cancer wouldn’t have spread if you’d been diagnosed earlier.  The doctor is likely to argue that the cancer would have spread anyway, and that you therefore weren’t harmed at all by the error he/she made.

Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers understand the challenges in proving causation and have developed legal techniques to overcome these challenges and help you to build a strong case. Often, medical malpractice cases depend on the strength of your evidence, how well the evidence is presented, and a battle of the expert witnesses. You need to go into this legal battle armed with a top-notch Atlanta medical malpractice attorney who has the knowledge and skills to represent you.

Getting Help from an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Not every Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer has the skills you need to help ensure you get the compensation you deserve. At Sammons & Carpenter, our attorneys have extensive experience handling complex medical malpractice cases. We have a proven track record of success and we have honed our legal skills to give you the very best chance of prevailing in a medical malpractice claim. To learn more about the legal services we provide and about how we can help you, contact our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers today at (404) 991-5950.

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